Ministry Outreaches

Men of Valor

Men of ValorThis outreach’s mission is to establish the man in the kingdom of God, to promote brotherhood and friendship in the ministry and to infuse the gospel in the man of God.


This ministry is the link between the Church and the community. We believe that the Church plays an important role in community development. Connections are our parishioners that are connected with government, community development organizations and the religious community.


Lighthouse Ministry

The Lighthouse ministry brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the elderly and those who are health care centers.

Bread of Life

Bread of LifeThis ministry sends encouraging life applicable scripture texts that are encouraging and edifying. The texts are sent to our members, friends, family and allies.

True Life Ministry

True LifeThis outreach ministers those who are incarcerated or returning citizens to the community. The ministry preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, partners with prison re-entry programs/networks to establish returning citizens in their Christian walk and in the community.

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